Saw Welding Flux

Saw Welding Flux

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Anand Arc manufactures Submerged Arc Welding Flux which are agglomerated flux designed for submerged arc welding of mild, medium and high tensile steels in combination with various grades of SAW Wires to yield weld metal with excellent chemical and mechanical properties. The slag removal is easy and weld metal has a smooth and shiny finish. Weld metal is of radiographic quality.

Product Details :

Quantity Per Pack50-100KG
Packaging TypeBags/Drums
BrandAnand Arc

Grades -

  • F7AZEL8
  • F7A2EH14
  • F7A4EL8
  • F7P4EL8
  • F7A4EM12K
  • F7P4EM12K
  • F7A5EH14
  • F7P5EH14
  • F11A4EG
  • F7A0EL8
  • F7A2EM12K
  • F7A0EL12

Packaging -

Bags Drum / Barrels
50kg/100kg 100kg/200kg
Saw Welding Flux Packaging 01 Saw Welding Flux Packaging 02