Aluminium TIG Wire

Aluminium TIG Wire

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Anand Arc Aluminium Tig Wires are manufactured with high quality standards in 914mm(36") & 1000 mm cut lengths with embossing on either one or on both sides above 1.20 mm as per customer's requirement. The weld metal has excellent ductility, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. Anand Arc Aluminium Tig Filler Wires strictly confirms to international standards like AWS, DIN, etc.

Grades -

  • ER1100
  • ER4043
  • ER4047
  • ER5183
  • ER5356
  • ER5556

Sizes/Diameter -

  • mm
  • 1.00mm
  • 1.20mm
  • 1.60mm
  • 2.00mm
  • 2.40mm
  • mm
  • 3.20mm
  • 4.00mm
  • 5.00mm

Size Range -

1.00mm TO 5.00mm

Embossing -

1.20mm and Above. (Customised Embossing Possible Depending Upon Customers Requirements)

Packaging -

Plastic Tubes Corrugated Tubes
1.00mm to 5.00mm in cut length 1000mm 1.00mm to 5.00mm in cut length 1000mm
5kg 5kg
Aluminium TIG Wire Packaging 01 Aluminium TIG Wire Packaging 02