Hard Facing Electrodes

Hard Facing Electrodes

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Hard Facing Electrodes offered by our company is defined as a medium heavy coated, rutile type of electrodes. These basically do the deposition of an air hardening type of weld metal of optimum hardness. Beside this, the electrodes also comprise of hard chromium carbides in a martensistic matrix. These are basically recommended for performing their function where severe conditions of abrasion, friction and impact persist. The presence of low hydrogen coating further enables them to work even in high carbon and high sulphur steels without causing any crack or porosity. Relying on their unmatched characteristics, these are suggested to be used in earth moving equipments, oil expellers, crusher hammers, shears, crane wheels, scrapper blades and punching dies.

Types -

Hard Facing Electrodes: Electrodes suitable for weld metal with hardness 250BHN - 600BHN

Sizes/Diameter -

  • mm
  • 1.60mm
  • 2.00mm
  • 2.50mm
  • 3.15mm
  • 3.20mm
  • inch
  • 0.063"
  • 0.079"
  • 0.098"
  • 0.124"
  • 0.126"
  • mm
  • 3.25mm
  • 4.00mm
  • 5.00mm
  • inch
  • 0.128"
  • 0.157"
  • 0.197"


  • mm
  • 250mm
  • 300mm
  • 350mm
  • 400mm
  • 450mm

Packaging -

Vacuum Pack Master Carton
2Kg/5Kg 20kg